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George Samuel Reid

George Samuel Reid

George Samuel Reid was born on 10 February 1906, in Clinton, Davis, Utah, to Charles Morgan Reid and Esther Weir Stedman.

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"George Samuel Reid narrated his life history to Douglas Parker Reid, a grandson and the 3rd son of Charles Richard Reid and Ila Parker Reid.  Doug transcribed and edited the narration.  I have had further information that I felt should be added to obtain a son's perspective of his wonderful and great dad and they are highlighted in brackets."

The young family sat at the breakfast table, hurrying to finish their meal so the father could begin the labors of the day.  He had a 20 acre farm to take care of, and he had a lot of work to do. In fact, that morning they were in such a rush that they had not knelt in prayer before sitting down to eat, as they were accustomed to do.  Suddenly, they heard a thud and a cry outside near where the horses were watering.  It was then that they realized that little two-year-old George had slipped outside unnoticed.  The parents rushed out into the yard.  Imagine their panic when they found their little boy lying in a pool of water and blood, near the water trough where the horses and colt stood drinking.  George had been kicked in the face! 

There he lay, losing blood by the minute, the right side of his face torn open.  In despair, they picked him up.  Just then a neighbor, Joseph Fife, drove into the yard and advised the young mother, Esther, to wash the wound and pack it with flour, offering to take them to the doctor in his new buggy.  He had just purchased a fine, spirited traveling horse.  Esther quickly washed the mud and blood off as best she could, applied some flour, and wrapped little George's face in a clean white sheet.  Then they rushed to the doctor in Ogden. 

Joseph pushed the horse to the limit, despite the knowledge that such a pace would ruin him.  They covered the 12 mile distance in 29 minutes.  The horse was spent, but the boy was safely in the hands of the doctor.  He was Edward I. Rich, the same doctor who had driven to Clinton in a buggy to deliver the new baby boy two years earlier. Dr, Rich informed the anxious parent that the blow had come within a needle's width of severing a nerve that would have killed the boy.  As it was, he was able to dress the would and stitch it up, using 16 stitches, and George recovered, though he carried a scar throughout his life.

His father, Charlie, had promised the Lord that if he would spare his son, he'd raise him up to be a good and faithful servant, and never again be too busy to kneel with the family in family prayer each morning.  He fulfilled his promise.

George Samuel Reid married LaVon Holt in the Salt Lake City Temple in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, on 2 December 1925.

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LaVon Holt

George and Lavon had the following five children:

Donald Holt Reid
Charles Richard Reid
George Stephen Reid
Paul Holt Reid
Stanford John Reid

George and LaVon

These are a few words of George Samuel Reid:

The Lord has blessed me with goodly parents and ancestry. He blessed me with a wonderful eternal companion and we have the most choice posterity. I love you all more than life itself. There isn’t enough room to elaborate just conclude by saying “I know the Gospel is true how choice and precious is a true testimony. Almost every day a special challenge is given and when accepted in faith and humility yet without fear the challenge becomes a choice experience. Just last night a family was here all happy and wonderful. Three weeks ago they were worried and filled with gloom; the mother was very sick and discouraged. Her husband brought her here and I was privileged to be the Lord’s servant in pronouncing a blessing upon her that restored her courage and her illness was conquered. Through the Priesthood and faith; ‘Cancer was stopped”. My heart was full to overflowing as they held their Home Evening with joy and rejoicing one with the other. “Live for Joy” and not pleasure. Joy is eternal.
     We love you with all our heart and soul.
     Grand Father Reid & Grand Mother Reid

The words above are a part of a large history of George Samuel Reid that you will find if you click on The Reid Family.

George Reid

George Samuel Reid died on 10 November 1990, in Bountiful, Davis, Utah.
He was buried in Clinton, Davis, Utah.

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